Virtual world game 'Metaverse 2' officially launched

11 Sep 2021
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[Inside and outside news] Reporter Lee Kun-woo Girl group Brave Girls, BJ Cheol-gu, Seya, etc. foretold the participation of the game 'Metaverse 2' was officially launched on the 10th. Metaverse 2 is a 'next-generation global game' that transcends the real world and becomes a new future space. It can transcend the limits of physical space, expand offline experiences into virtual space, and break down the boundaries between reality and virtual reality to create a virtual city without restrictions of place and time to construct buildings and operate the city. 

Because of this, high-value real estate that cannot be owned in the real world can be owned in Metaverse 2. The Future Company said, "As the COVID-19 pandemic is intensifying, many people are complaining of loss, helplessness, and frustration. . The Brave Girls members who joined the official Metaverse 2 YouTube channel also showed high interest. 'Yoojeong' expressed expectations, saying, "I have already registered in advance. Since the official opening, land trading has become possible before anyone else."

Next, 'Yuna' said, "I will buy hot Cheongdam-dong before anyone else," and 'Eunji' continued, "I am Seoul Forest." 'Minyoung' also smiled and expressed his ambition to "preempt a good real estate".
An official from The Future Company said, "Metaverse 2 is a completely different concept by combining the property of metaverse, which can achieve anything by erasing the boundary between the real world and the virtual world in all industries and various areas of daily life, and real estate with finiteness. 

The next-generation game of "The technical foundation of Metaverse 2 is supported by the Mapbox-based 'Metaverse 2' map set on Earth, and we plan to build a virtual industrial infrastructure on 'Metaverse 2' soon."

Meanwhile, after metaverse 2 officially opens, it supports play in two cities, Seoul and New York.
Pre-registration is carried out on the official website, and after opening, a recommendation code service system between members is planned and operated.
Land and buildings purchased in-game can be converted into cash. In addition, when applying for a sale order for land or buildings, a profit of 0.2% is paid every day until the contract is concluded based on the value of the property.
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